Lost Anchor Studios was formed in May of 2009, back when the 3Gs was new and the iPad didn't exist. We felt as if the App store embodied a successful platform for the indie developer, and started preliminary game design and concept art on a 2D side scroller set in space.
By late 2009 we had bought an iPod touch 2g and begun programming. In early 2010 we understood that the space setting and silhouette graphics weren't working, and decided to move the game under water.
We changed the graphical style from black silhouettes to colorful cartoon graphics.
Shortly after we revisited the game design: The game consisted of the character trying to reach as far as possible while avoiding enemies.
We decided to introduce a weapon, the harpoon. By mid 2010 the gulf of Mexico oil spill had occurred, and it was around that time that we decided that the game was still not fun enough - There was nothing pushing the player forward.
It was then that we decided to introduce the oil mechanic, which raised the players' tension.
We always loved physics based gameplay, and wanted to incorporate that into our gameplay. We looked at how Halo 3 used different physics elements that interacted to create crazy scenarios. We attempted to embody that with our ramps, explosions, and different firing mechanics.
We continued more and less focused work throughout different periods of our lives, culminating in the summer of 2012; The game's release!
We started work on our shared iPod touch 2g. By now, we've bought four different iPhones, another iPod and an iPad. We watched the App store grow ten folds, and hope you like our end result!